The Pain Trap

Emotional wounds can consume us when we withhold the nurturing they require. Just like physical wounds, emotional wounds need our attention. Without proper care we can experience a kind of emotional infection. Like an infection, the trauma we’ve experienced spreads into other areas of our lives. Research shows that people who’ve processed the trauma they’ve […] Read more »

A Simple Guide to Forgiveness

“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.” -Confucius Forgiving others does more for us than it does for the person who has wronged us. Until we forgive them we are bound to them. We give them power over our lives, we allow them to influence who we are and the choices […] Read more »

When Your Mirror Is Broken

In an ideal world, when we’re born, our caregivers are emotionally whole. They care for us with attentiveness, responsiveness and nurturing. They make sacrifices for us when necessary. As we become aware of ourselves as separate from our caregivers, they reflect our image back to us, they show us who we are and who we  can be. […] Read more »