IMG504-1-1You’ve worked hard to create the life you want. But you find yourself feeling burnt out, over-extended and taken advantage of.


You’ve lost your passion. Your relationships aren’t what you want them to be. You find yourself exploding with anger at times then feeling guilty and ashamed.


 These feelings fuel your loneliness and disconnection. 


You want to be understood and valued for who you are. You want your relationships to have more balance, more give and take. You want to feel loved, cared for and prioritized.


I can help you find your voice and fall in love with your life.


Change is possible. Integrating insight, self-compassion and education, my clients make meaning of the pain they have experienced.


They learn to move beyond the challenges they have encountered and have healthy, loving relationships, feeling confident and full of love for who they have become.


To experience this kind of life-changing work, schedule your free 20 minute consultation, where you will get to know me and explore the possibilities for you in counseling. Call me at 214.300.1128 or email me at