I’m Resisting By Reducing My Fees

I am reeling as I know many of you are from the vitriol and lack of concern for vulnerable populations this administration has shown. I’ve felt so many things over the last few months. I think the most painful has been a sense of helplessness.


But, to paraphrase Jefferson Smith, helplessness is just another word for giving up and so I have thought and thought how I might use my gifts and strengths to resist. There are so many places where it matters that we show up now. We must show up in support of what we believe in and we must show up as a part of this democracy. I am becoming far more politically active than I ever was before and that feels good and right. But I want to do more.


I know the difference therapy can make in our lives. It makes us healthier, it gives us the power and the strength to use our voices. It heals us from whatever wounds keep us from being what we are meant to me. We need more of this. It is only when we learn to have compassion for ourselves that we can gather the strength we need to fight the battle we are in.


So, in an effort to help more people I am decreasing my fees. I am ending my relationship with managed care so that I am free to lower these fees for all of my clients. Starting today, a 50 minute session fee is changing from $100 to $75, an 80 minute session is changing from $150 to $120.


If cost is still an issue, please know that I will work with you regarding how often we meet. I work with some clients weekly, others every other week or once every three weeks. Still others pop in for a session every few months. We will work around whatever works best for you.

If this still feels out of range for you, please contact me anyway. There are resources available in our community and I can help you find the right fit.

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