Individual and Relationship Counseling


Individual Counseling


I believe much of our personalities are formed during childhood. Our early experiences shape our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us. Much of what we learn is adaptive, it helps us survive and thrive as children. As we become adults our lives are still influenced by those early beliefs. Sometimes that’s a really good thing and sometimes it’s not.


In our work together, we’ll explore those beliefs and ideas that are no longer working for you. We’ll explore your strengths and how you can use them to overcome the obstacles you face today. I will provide support and guidance as you gain insight into old patterns and learn new tools for achieving your goals.


Learn more about my theoretical approach, Adlerian Theory.


Relationship Counseling


As a child, I witnessed family members struggle with unhealthy relationships. Because of this experience, I’ve spent much of my adult life studying what it takes to have a healthy relationship.


I’ve applied what I’ve learned to my own marriage and the relationships of the many couples I’ve worked with. The results are amazing. I’m passionate about my belief that a couple can have a healthy, fulfilling, loving connection regardless of their past experiences.


Relationships don’t come with instructions. We must navigate them based on what we know about ourselves, our partners and the behaviors we witnessed growing up. In my work with couples, we explore patterns of behavior, beliefs about self and others, that may not be a part of your day to day awareness.


Often, when I work with a couple, one partner is less excited about the prospect of counseling than the other. That’s okay. I work to create a safe, nurturing environment for both partners. I respect that you may both be in different places and may require different things from me as we work together.


My goal is to provide you both with resources, insight, relationship skills and support as we work through unresolved issues and strengthen the foundation of your relationship.