-I specialize in relationship counseling, anger management, depression and anxiety.


-I provide online counseling to individuals in the state of Texas.


-I speak to groups about compassion/self-esteem, women’s issues, peer-proofing kids, educating kids about sex and other parenting issues.


What it’s like to work with me–


  • My clients routinely tell me they are surprised by how comfortable they feel with me from our very first meeting.

  • I will listen to you, laugh with you, challenge and support you. I will empower you to find and make the best choices for you in your life.

  • I will provide you with resources outside of our work together. Your goals are my priority and I will enlist all the support you need to accomplish them.

  • In couples counseling I will work to be certain that you both feel heard and understood. It is critical for both partners to feel acknowledged and valued for couples therapy to be effective.

The Right Counselor For You


The best way to achieve your goals in counseling is to find the right counselor for you. The relationship you establish with your counselor is the foundation of the work you will do together.


For this reason, I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have about my theoretical approach ( Individual Psychology/Adlerian Theory) my experience, beliefs about how people change, or the counseling process itself.


Office Hours, Fees and Insurance


I offer day and evening appointments for your convenience. My fee is $100 per 50 minute session and $150 per 80 minute session. I am an out of network provider for some insurance companies, learn more about how I work with insurance. For more information or to set an appointment, contact me.


Play Therapy and Other Referrals


Please contact me if you do not find the counseling services you are looking for listed here. I can provide excellent local referrals for play therapy, career counseling, family counseling and other specialties. You can reach me at 214.300.1128 or thlaxson@gmail.com.