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  • Sex Positive/Kink-Affirming Therapy

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    Sex positive and kink affirming therapy aims to normalize, accept and value various erotic and sexual longings, desires and behaviors. Human sexuality is an essential part of life and can be quite diverse. By embracing our whole selves, rather than dismissing or shutting down the parts we are ashamed or afraid of we can live more authentically. 

    Sexuality issues can look very different from person to person. Whether you’ve spent a lot of time exploring your sexuality, or are just now getting in touch with that part of yourself, support is available. 

    Sex positive therapy allows you to explore, reflect on, embody and learn about your sexuality in a judgment free zone. Kink-affirming therapy offers a frame-work of acceptance and integration of one’s erotic template. A kink-affirming therapist utilizes a sexologically informed and open approach.