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  • Gender Affirming/LGBTQIA+ Allied Therapy

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    Gender Affirming Care:

    Oak Cliff Counseling is a safe space for people of all gender identities, and all sexual and romantic orientations. As a therapist, I prioritize validating the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in this country, which means acknowledging that LGBTQ+ individuals are systematically oppressed and targeted with policy and mainstream messaging that tell them they are not welcome. 

    In our sessions we can…

    • Address trauma caused by systemic oppression
    • Address trauma caused by support systems 
    • Explore different gender identities and sexual/romantic orientations
    • Explore the intersections of an LGBTQ+ identity with other mental health struggles

    I also acknowledge that as a cis-het white woman, I may not be the best fit for someone experiencing the multifaceted life that comes with an LGBTQ+ identity. If you would like a referral for someone who specializes in LGBTQ+ individual therapy, please feel free to reach out. 

    Gender Confirmation Services:

    Trans folx in this country do not receive the support, care or protections they deserve. If you are an individual seeking gender-affirming medical or legal services, having back-up can be helpful. In addition to providing gender-affirming mental health care,  I am able to write documentation after a single session that can be used with other health professionals and within legal contexts as needed. I offer these services for a sliding-scale fee and can offer these services even when I am not accepting new clients.