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    When there aren’t enough bath bombs in the world…

    You’re tired of the sense of dread you wake up to and can’t seem to shake throughout the day. You’d like to feel a sense of peace in your life. You’d love to feel understood, appreciated and cared for by the people you love instead of acting as the constant caretaker. 

    If you could wave a magic wand over your life, you’d feel less guilt, less shame and more confidence. You’d worry a lot less about what people want or expect from you and you wouldn’t be afraid of their reactions.

    When prioritizing yourself is uncomfortable…

    Many of the people I work with, natural caretakers who place themselves last on their own list, struggle to begin therapy. They’re used to caring for others and sacrificing themselves. But the kind of peace, connection and well being you’re looking for won’t come from more self sacrifice. 

    If you’re feeling hesitant, give me a call or email me. Understanding how therapy can help you specifically may alleviate your concerns.


    Our work together begins with a phone call or email. We’ll talk about what you’d like to be different in your life and how I can help. If it feels like the right fit, we’ll schedule our first session. If for any reason it doesn’t feel like the right fit, I’ll help you find a good referral. My first priority is helping you find the right resources. 

    Once we’ve scheduled our first session, I’ll send you a link to my website where you’ll fill out a handful of forms and enter your credit/debit or HSA card information. We’ll go over the forms together in our first session. 

    After we talk a bit about the forms, we’ll talk about what’s going on for you right now. What you’re most worried about, what’s going well for you currently and how you would like your life to be different.

    I’ll provide a variety of practical tools and resources for you to use while we’re digging into your earlier experiences. We’ll work toward understanding the impact these life experiences have had on your beliefs about yourself, relationships and your place in the world.