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  • Drop overwhelm and anxiety, find peace

    Tara Laxson, LPC NCC

    I help women who are exhausted, scattered and lonely find energy, purpose and love.

    My clients struggle as you do. Despite working hard, checking all the boxes and caring for the people you love, life doesn’t feel rewarding.

    When we start our work together they share their hurt, frustration and loneliness. They want to feel seen, appreciated and understood.

    Their desire to please gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of person they want to be, the kind of person they look up to who exudes confidence and calm, peace and the ability to advocate for themselves well. And their confidence in their ability to have the love they want is tanking.

    Before they came to see me, they worried that just talking about it wouldn’t help. They worried that it would be a waste of time and money and they would still be stuck.

    The feeling of not being good enough is pervasive. Their lives often feel meaningless. There are bright spots here and there, joy in small bursts and occasional things to look forward to, but they don’t last. They believe that if they could only get control of their to-do list and lose some weight, they would feel better. They know this wouldn’t make life perfect but it feels like it would make life easier.

    When my clients first come to therapy, their self compassion is conditional. Whether it’s the amount of positive regard others show them, their latest accomplishment at school or work or how their body looks, the way they define success is based mostly on external measures.

    I’ve been where you are, hopeless, exhausted, lonely, even with the people you love most. You’ve done it all right, you excelled in school, you think constantly of others, you’ve researched everything you can think of to make your life better. You try harder and feel more defeated. Somehow, no matter what you do, it’s not working. You have a great life on paper, but it doesn’t feel the way you imagined it would.

    You are not alone. There are a lot of reasons why you’ve found yourself feeling this way. The best news I can give you is that you can have the peace you want. Therapy won’t give you a perfect life. But it can give you the tools to live YOUR life in a way that brings you joy, energy, community, love and peace. 

    A reformed good girl myself, I work with women who are smart, empathetic, intuitive and hard working. They’ve sacrificed themselves for the good of their family, their workplace, their relationships and they’re fed up with everything feeling so one sided. They’d like more peace, more confidence, more energy and more joy. 

    Like my clients, you deserve to feel seen, cared for and valued for who you really are. Having relationships with people who really see you and care for you well is not out of your reach.

    I get it. I truly understand the pain my clients feel. And I know the way out.

    If you want to feel confident, energized and truly seen, I’d love to help you get there. Schedule an appointment today. You don’t have to suffer. I can help.

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