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  • Balancing the Wheel of Life

    Know yourself to improve yourself. ~Auguste Comte

    Too often we find ourselves unhappy with an area of our lives but unsure of how to improve it. Or maybe we have some ideas, but implementing them feels overwhelming.

    The Wheel of Life can help. It is a coaching tool for understanding which areas of your life are most fulfilling and which areas are lacking. Once you assess these areas you can begin to implement small changes that move the different areas of your life into balance.

    The Wheel of Life Exercise

    • First, draw a large circle on a sheet of paper. Divide it into 8 sections: career, romance/significant other, family and friends, physical environment, health, growth, money, fun/recreation. Rate your level of satisfaction in each area: 0 is the center of the circle, 10 is the outer edge of the circle. Once you marked your rating in each section, connect the dots to make a new inner circle. What does this new circle look like? Where are you most satisfied? Least satisfied?

    • Brainstorm several ideas for increasing your satisfaction in areas that are lacking. Do not edit your answers no matter how far-fetched they may seem. Editing is the next step, for now, just let the ideas roll.

    • Editing: Pick one idea from your brainstorming exercise for each section that is less than a 10 in satisfaction. Start small. Small changes are easiest to maintain and build your confidence. Write down a plan for implementing this strategy this week. Make it specific and measurable.

    • Assess: At the end of the week, think about how well each strategy worked for you. If it’s working, kudos! Keep up the good work! If not, go back to your brainstorming activity and pick another strategy. Implement this strategy this week and repeat.

    • Go easy on yourself. Remember that this is a process. It may take some time to find and implement the right strategy for improving your satisfaction. That’s okay. Every exercise you try teaches you something about yourself and what works (or doesn’t) for you.

    If your are struggling to come up with ideas for improving your satisfaction, check out these resources:

    I do this exercise at least once a year and I am often surprised by the results. Were there any surprises for you?


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