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  • Couples Counseling for One


    If your relationship is struggling, couples counseling can help. A relationship therapist can help build a bridge between you and your partner, resolve critical issues and facilitate better communication.

    But what if your partner won’t go? Can your relationship benefit from couples counseling for one?

    Yes. Seeing a therapist alone to work on problems you have with your partner may seem counter intuitive, and yet, it can be beneficial in the many ways. By choosing to work on your relationship alone

    •  You are modeling healthy behavior. You’re struggling so you seek help. Your reluctant partner may do the same after seeing your commitment and the relief it provides.


    • You can gain insight into your piece of the puzzle, and often, your partner’s as well. When you understand yourself better (one of the many benefits of counseling) you often experience a greater understanding, acceptance and appreciation of your partner.


    • You can care for yourself by gaining emotional support, stress relief and new coping skills.


    • You are communicating your commitment and investment in the health of your relationship. This may motivate your partner to increase his/her investment in the health of your relationship as well.

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