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  • How Can Therapy Help Right Now?

    There is no doubt that what we are currently experiencing a collective trauma. Our experiences may vary depending on how the coronavirus is impacting our daily lives, but we are all affected.

    I’m finding that in this stressful time my clients are valuing even more the time they set aside for us to focus on their individual experiences and fears. We process through the emotions they are often too busy to deal with while putting together plans to do more than just get through their days.

    In our work together we’ve found the following to be helpful:

    • Focusing on self compassion and healthy coping strategies.
    • Understanding one’s individual stress/trauma response and how this is being triggered right now.
    • Alleviating anxiety through specific coping mechanisms.
    • Planning for self care and the resistance that often comes up when we try to practice it.
    • Exploring options—this may include job/career options as well as support systems that may be available.
    • Working through relationship issues.

    Whether therapy is a good fit for you right now or not, I feel strongly that we must prepare ourselves for whatever comes next in this unprecedented time by learning to nurture ourselves well both physically and emotionally. Check out this article for more information on how to care for yourself well.

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