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  • Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

    We are immersed in the systems of oppression upheld by our culture from the time we’re born. Our unconscious minds are always absorbing information, even when we don’t realize it. 

    We internalize values, beliefs, rules and ideas that we may not even be aware of, and yet they deeply affect how we see ourselves, the world and the choices available to us. 

    Systemic heteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, white supremacy and misogyny separate us from our true nature, others’ true nature and nature itself. 

    Our healing is rooted in understanding how we got here, the cultivation of self compassion and the dismantling of systems that demand disconnection from our humanity.

    Seeing how we’ve been impacted by these systems of oppression can help us uncover mistaken beliefs that are harmful to us. Understanding how these systems have affected others can unite us in our humanity and in the revolutionary work required to dismantle them. 

    This work goes hand in hand. Without a commitment to both our own healing and the world’s healing, we are feeding the beast that created the disconnection from ourselves and others. 

    To focus solely on our own healing is to ignore the systems that cause harm in the first place. To focus only on the world is to lose ourselves once again to external expectations. 

    In this series of posts we’ll explore ways to understand ourselves better and facilitate our healing as well as actionable steps we can take to dismantle and rebuild the systems that created the wounding and disconnection we’ve experienced. 

    I invite you to meet me here weekly and to share your thoughts as we explore these ideas.